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The Bungalow in Utah Valley FAQs

Q: Is The Bungalow available for other types of events other than weddings & receptions?
A: Absolutely, The Bungalow is available for just about any type of occasion you can imagine: seminars, business meetings, birthday parties, anniversaries, reunions, open house's etc.
Q: What is the guest capacity of The Bungalow?
A: The Bungalow can comfortably seat 70 guests at one time (indoors) for example: luncheons, dinners or meetings. For a reception (indoors) we can accommodate 350 guests in the allotted guest-greeting period. For an indoor/outdoor reception 500 guests can be accommodated. If more guests are anticipated, greeting time period may be extended.
Q: Can we rent The Bungalow and bring in our own food?
A: We're not sure why you would want to, our food is excellent and our inclusive packages are so affordably priced...but yes, you may. As of January 1, 2009, The Bungalow is available for rental and we are allowing brought-in catering.
Q: If we rent The Bungalow and bring in our own food, are we required to use The Bungalows' staff?
A: Our staff is highly trained and experienced to accommodate guests and the various situations that may arise. To help ensure that your event runs smoothly, we recommend using them. Staffing is determined by type of event and number of expected guests. Staffing is included in our packages, but is additional if renting The Bungalow.
Q: Can we bring in our own cake and flowers?
A: We have a very talented florist & cake maker, we highly recommend them. If you could see their creations, (pictures available) you'd understand why they are so highly regarded. Yes, you may bring in your own flowers & cake. We do charge a $75 fee for cutting & serving the cake.
Q: Does it cost extra for an outdoor reception or gathering?
A: There is no additional fee for an outdoor reception.
Q: What if I'm having and outdoor reception or gathering and it rains?
A: That's the convenience of The Bungalow, we simply move the party inside, no additional fee.
Q: How much is it to reserve The Bungalow?
A: We require a $700 retainer to reserve The Bungalow. Your event is booked and confirmed when the retainer has been received. The retainer is non-refundable.

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