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When do we meet to discuss final planning? ​The design meeting is usually scheduled 2 months prior to the event date. Be sure to finalize your scheduled time slot with us before sending out your invitations. 

Do you accept credit cards? Yes, there is a 4% fee for all credit card and debit card transactions. We prefer Cashier's Check or Cash.

Can we use sparklers for the send off? Due to fire hazard, sparklers, fireworks and floating lanterns are not allowed at this time. Bubbles, bird seed, glow sticks and ribbon wands make great alternatives. Please, no confetti. All send-off clean up must be done by the host party before you leave. 


Can we bring our own cake? Yes, it must be made by an established, professional baker and you must sign our Brought-In Food Policy. 


Can our family or friend make the food?  All brought-in food must be provided by an established, professional caterer and you must sign our Brought-In Food Policy. 


Do you provide plates, cups, utensils and napkins?  No, this is the responsibility of the caterer or booking party. 


Do you provide water? We have a kitchen for the caterer to fill up water.  It is the caterer’s or your responsibility to provide a dispenser, ice, cups and/or bottled water.

Do you have a T.V. for Slide-Show? Yes, we have one inside. It accepts DVDs and thumb drives or you can hook it up to your laptop. 

What about music? We have a sound system that plays both indoors and outdoors as well as a wireless microphone. You may connect to our system with iPods, iPhones, etc. According to our city ordinance, all music must be off by 10:00pm.

What color are your linens? Our linens are ivory. 

If I want to decorate, can I come earlier? No, but you may purchase more time if needed. All drop offs, setup and cleanup must be done within the time you’ve booked and paid for. 

Are synthetic flower petals allowed for the ceremony? We prefer real flower petals due to their biodegradability. The clean up is your responsibility.

Is alcohol allowed? Yes. There is a $600 alcohol privilege fee and you must have a licensed/insured bartender to serve it (ask for a recommendation). You or the bartender would provide all alcohol, cups, ice, coolers etc. We allow beer and wine only. 

Can we take our engagement or bridal photos at The Bungalow? Unfortunately with our busy event schedule, we are unable to accommodate photo shoots prior to your event. You are welcome to take all the pictures you would like during your scheduled time period or purchase additional time. 


May we drop off items or food the day/week before our event?  No, we have other scheduled events and do not have space to store additional items or food.

Can we split our rental time?  No. Purchased rental hours must be consecutive. This is imperative for scheduling our staff. 


May we move furniture?  Our facility is set up to accommodate your guests with the best flow possible.  Any moving of furniture needs to be approved by management and moved by our staff. A fee may be associated with items moved or damaged.  


Do we have to clean the venue after the event?  You are responsible for the cleanup of all vendors, subcontractors and items you’ve brought in. This includes the catering. There will be a list in the kitchen for caterers to check off before they leave. The last hour of your allotted time is  used and suggested as a time to begin cleanup and gathering all your belongings, gifts, decorations, food, etc.  The Bungalow staff will begin to clean up at this time as well. The Bungalow will take down all items we’ve provided such as centerpieces, tablecloths, chair pads, etc. We’ll clean the bathrooms and turn off the lights.  


Do you have a freezer we can use?  Unfortunately, no. We have limited freezer space due to the amount of weddings booked.  You may bring coolers to store ice.


Do you have an ice maker?  We do not have an ice maker.  You will need to bring your own bags of ice and coolers to store them in.


Are you open on Sunday?  No


Do you have a piano?  No


When is the final payment due?  30 days before your event.  Please email or call us to set up a time to meet or pay by phone.


How many guests can I invite? Inside we can accommodate up to 70 guests for a sit-down dinner, up to 300 guests for an open-house reception and up to 40 guests for a ceremony. 

Outside we can accommodate up to 350-guests for an open house-reception and up to 70 guests for a ceremony.  


Do I get use of the entire venue inside and outside?  Yes. However, during the off-peak season, all outside tables and chairs will be put away in storage for winter. 


Do you allow dogs?  No. 

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