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Mattie & Ty

"Putting an event as important as a wedding in another's hands has never been so comfortable.  The amount of experience The Bungalow staff holds was evident as they took care of me and my husband every step of the way.  From the tasty food to the beautiful decorations, The Bungalow made my dream wedding become a reality.  Our wedding will forever be one of my most favorite memories!"

-Mattie Stevenson-

Beautiful June weddng with blush-colored flowers and elegant attire.


& Ben

"I had my wedding at The Bungalow October 15th and still to this day I get compliments on how perfect and fairy-tale my wedding was. I can only give credit to The Bungalow!  I just gave them an idea of what I wanted for my wedding and they did the rest. The event planners, Jamie and Molly, were incredible!  They listened to what I wanted and they made it a dream come true!  Their famous Torte Cake that Vickie made was amazing and gluten free!  Thank you Bungalow for making my husband and I very happy newlyweds!"

-Stephanie Drinkwater-

Dana & McKay

"Can I just say how AMAZING and magical the bungalow was for my wedding! Loved everything about it from the decor, staff (who were all so sweet), and the very tasty food. I couldn't thank Jamie enough for all the help and time she put in to make our wedding day so special. Would recommend the bungalow to anyone! Thank you for for making that day the best."

-Dana Yates-

Addie & Brayden

"We had our ceremony and reception at The Bungalow and it was amazing!  The staff took care of so many things that it made the day go so smooth and non-stressful for us and our parents. Everything went great and our guests were taken back at how peaceful and serene the atmosphere was with it being in-town still. Decorating was a breeze with how naturally beautiful The Bungalow is (bistro lighting, white metal tables, doves, greenery, beautiful landscape, etc.).  We used them for all our food and main cake and it was SO GOOD. I dream about the food/cake still.  We did a steak and chicken kabok spread for the main dinner and various desserts, salads, brioche and drinks for the reception. The flow from the ceremony/dinner to reception was flawless thanks to the staff being so good at what they do.  

If you are looking for a venue for a wedding or event, you will not regret doing it at The Bungalow!

-Addie Warner-

...Testimonials Continued...

"My husband and I were married 25 years ago this August! Our reception was at The Bungalow and I can still picture the dreamy details. We absolutely love this beautiful place!"

-Stephanie Odle Nelson-

"We had our wedding there 5 years ago! We loved everything about our experience. Our decorater and chef did a phenomenal job! Best day ever!!"

-Lisa Quails Cutler-

"Our granddaughter had the family dinner here, followed by her reception. Seating was available both inside and out. The atmosphere was most pleasant, food was excellent, and doves in cages and twinkling lights just added to the magic!"​

-Sharon Eastman Marcyes-

"The Bungalow is as close to magical as you can get! So many incredible and unique photo opportunities on the grounds!  So beautifully decorated as well!"

-Kylee Junemarie-

"Had my wedding there. Couldn't believe how beautiful they made it for us. So different than any other wedding places I have been to. The owner told me that a former Disney princess had her fairy tale wedding there and I can imagine why she would have picked this place. It's beautiful."

-Matthew Flinders-

"Had my ring ceremony and reception there last night! It was Amazing! I was getting compliments all night about how perfect it was. We got the Tex Mex dinner, ice cream and chocolate covered pretzels and literally all their food was to die for. It was all home made and tasted so much better than typical catering food. Also, if you think the venue is beautiful without any decor, just wait until you get the decor package and they decorate for you....they make sure your money does not go to waste and it is clear when you show up your wedding day and everything is already done for you. Everything was on time and Jamie is bomb because she knows exactly what she is doing. It was the best venue and you should probably just stop looking and book The Bungalow!"

-Erin Rochetto-Montgomery-

"We had our ceremony and reception there and the staff was amazing I did not have to worry about anything. Thank you so much our night was perfect."

-Amy Rowe-

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